Station Road, Rothes, Moray, Scotland, UK, AB38 7AD


If you’re a distiller or investor looking for transparent, traceable and secure cask storage, we’ve got you covered.

Our warehousing facility next to the River Spey — a focal point for the Scottish whisky industry for centuries — provides the perfect storage temperature and humidity for up to 20,000 casks.

We provide bonded, secure and insured warehousing on a per-cask basis so you can effectively store, mature and finish whisky before bottling according to your own specifications.

Casks can be palletised, racked, or placed in a traditional dunnage warehouse.

And because we know there’s more to looking after your whisky than a safe and secure roof over its head, other services include —

  • Regular monitoring. We’ll draw samples at agreed times, so we know exactly where things are when it comes to colour, yield, alcohol strength and flavour profile. These checks also mean we can spot and report any problems early on and act quickly to keep things on track.
  • Re-racking. For finishing, we’ll transfer your spirit into premium quality sherry, bourbon or wine casks, as required.

So far so good.

But what sets us apart even more is our cask management app.

This cloud-based secure system supports all our services: offering a never-before seen level of transparency and traceability.

For every client; for every cask.

Each cask’s barcode is the key to accessing the spirit’s ‘distillation through maturation’ information, including provenance, sampling and re-gauging history, where it is in the warehouse, how it’s stored, where it’s been, as well as its duty status.

Our team updates the information directly into the system and can access each cask’s profile by simply scanning its barcode with a mobile device.

Customers have open access too, through their own log-in, so they can keep an eye on their casks and run any reports they need.

Crucially for compliance, this system provides auditable reports and information such as quarterly returns and W1 and W8 documents direct to HM Revenue & Customs.

And it also automatically raises invoices, so you know you’re paying just for the services you’ve used. No more, no less.


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